We use our expertise and our understanding of land to generate a holistic set of proposals that deliver value for clients as well as unique experiences for the end user.

Whether it is an urban development or a rural attraction, Land Studio delivers value though our understanding of the landscape. We define value as a wide ranging approach to design that lowers costs, gains commercial value, delivers end user experiences and understands future estate management.

Defining the quality of the experience for the end user is the test of a sites success, whether it is a new place to live, a destination for a family day out or a productive working environment. Land Studio defines experiences by realising the potential of land, creating places where people, nature and the landscape interact.

There are three approaches to the project work we undertake which come under the following headings; land, development and space.


unlocking the value of land through a masterplanning approach that maximises the visitor experience and extracts the unique qualities of the place


an approach that reduces infrastructure costs and realizes value for clients through the understanding and sensitive treatment of the landscape and its context


a holistic appreciation of space, understanding how the end user will interact with the landscape, their relationship with the architecture and the future management of the estate

It is this overall approach that ultimately contributes to a higher quality legacy for our cities and our countryside.